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Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm counting these as my daily paintings

      I'm counting these as my daily paintings.  They are what I have been working on to finish them up for a show. I'm really bad at titles so if anyone has any ideas?? I'm trying different styles from my usaual here.

This one was from a photo from China this was one of the most happiest people, and had such inner beauty.
This is Em she is three and is usually very lighthearted and bubbly. She was watching a small new- walker "baby" do something where it was obvious even to Em she was going to fall. I called her name and clicked.


  1. I definitely see the joy in the lady's face at the top and the subtle surprise in the little girl. Love these Gloria.

  2. I love the expression and emotion you are able to capture! Titles are hard for me too! I've decided it's easier to write the post first and hope something comes to me. When in doubt, think of an adjective about your art, and do a thesaurus search for a really obscure word. ;)

  3. Thank you guysso much! I took joy(Trish) to the thesaurus(Kristen), and ended up with "Ageless" for the first one.
    Then My dad came up with the name for the second, "The Start of Wisdom"!

    Another excellent idea Kristen!

  4. My jaw just dropped. These are simply beautiful, Gloria!

    1. Gosh thank you Chris! That is high praise indeed. These were my part of attempts last year to be become faster, loose and more spontaneous. I think I'm finally getting to get to where I'm more comfortable. But, bringing these back up, has just given me an idea of how to how to finish the woman from china painting. So thanks for that too! : D