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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally a Start

 Last night I searched for help on the DPW site and read some tips. One was going back and doing the timed excercises. Today was the first day I feel like I did something!

Two twenty minute sessions, didn't include set up, toning, or blocking it. Now I hope can keep it loose!


  1. Thanks Trish you are kind, I feel like a make a small step forward!

  2. Gloria, the apples are gorgeous! Since the workshop, I do a quick 10 minute painting everyday just to try to get the colors correct before I go on to the vast canvas of a 6x6! I take a larger board like a 16x20 and divide it into little 3x3 squares. It takes a while to fill them all in, but it's fun to watch all the little minis take shape.

    1. That is a great idea Kristen. When I set a timer for short periods is the only time I come close to loose painting. I will keep doing short time for a little while til feel more confident. Thanks so much for any advice!