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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Calling it finished

Since I'm in the finishing mode, I went back and finished this from the workshop. I tried to keep it fresh and not overwork it, any feed back?


  1. Gloria,
    I remember that flower and I think you captured it with a few strokes. I really feel the items laying down and not floating. And the reflections are amazing. The only constructive comment I am going to give, is that with the really textured nature of the flower and fruit, I probably would have made the background less textured. I like the colors!

  2. Sorry Trish, gotta disagree, love love love the texture all over, especially since you kept the background more subdued....your brushwork and value are great, and I remember your reflections being very distinctive to your fact I might try that this next week, but who knows, I might still be painting only constructive criticism is that the eye is fighting between the two focal points....and in my opintin the main focal point is the ball, so in that case, I would settle the flower down a bit, (grey, as Carol would say) but over all I still like it alot!

  3. Thanks Guys!!

    Trish, I do have to quit the dab, dab, dab as Carol would say. I hope as I gain experience I gain a better fresh looking stroke.

    Yep Kristen, made these too close in color and at first my reflection were not dark enough to be believed. The refections are not easy, but it is probaly like your glass, you practiced then got it.