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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trying to Pull It Off

6 x 6 Oil Paint on Gesso Board

     This is the final piece from the Qiang Huang workshop in Camel IN a little over two weeks ago.  I left my camera in Ohio last weekend at a Sgraffito glass drawing workshop (those pictures will follow) so this is the best picture I have at the moment.  It is enough to get the idea that I was trying to put the lessons learned together in this last piece.  Focus with sharp edges, suggestions with soft edges, thoughtful consideration of each brush-stoke. Qiang still had to remind me to vary the color slightly - well yeah!  All in all I'm happy with the result and now to incorporate the lessons. That is always the thing!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sunflower in Blue

14 x 11 Oil on Gesso Board
This is my effort from day two of the Qiang Huang workshop, and yes, I could not leave it alone.   I went back into it, and I made somethings better....   So the biggest take away for me out of all the amazing material covered was to be more intellectual about the brushstroke.  Set the loaded brush on the canvas, make the stroke, pick up the brush, and because you put so much thought into its placement before hand, you should not need to touch stroke again. LOL  Over simplified, but now I need to start doing it.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

First Still Life from Qiang Huang's (Chong Whong) Workshop

     This was my first still-life from Qiang Huang's (Chong Whong) workshop last weekend.  This painting was not what I had hoped to do, but then, it was a workshop.  I guess if I had done a great job in a workshop I would have been suprised.
     I do have to say Qiang was an amazing teacher who has set a new standard for how a workshop should be taught, with the added benefit of having a great sense of humor!  Qiang used a video camera aimed the the piece he was painting and projected his every brushstroke on to a large screen. No more crowding around just trying to see through the artist head!   He brought a handout to take notes on which supplemented his powerpoint presentation, which allows you to aborb what he is trying to teach.  On content he didn't disappoint, for example, I especially was impressed when he talked about all artist needing a strong technically foundation.  He said he has noticed that it doesn't always seem to be a prority, when it should be!  But more the workshop that on my next post.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cuties and Tea

Oil Paint on Gesso Board 11 x 14
This is an effort to get ready for the Qiang Huang workshop coming up this week in Carmel, IN!  It sounds like such a cute town with a great art district just north of Indianoplis . Can't wait, we, my artist friends Kristan Duket and Laurie Muller signed up for this workshop months ago and it is finally happening.  Another of our artist friends Trisha Lyons is coming the first night to visit, so look out Carmel. LOL  We always enjoy spending time together and have been looking forward to learning from Qiang Huang!