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Thursday, April 11, 2013

First Still Life from Qiang Huang's (Chong Whong) Workshop

     This was my first still-life from Qiang Huang's (Chong Whong) workshop last weekend.  This painting was not what I had hoped to do, but then, it was a workshop.  I guess if I had done a great job in a workshop I would have been suprised.
     I do have to say Qiang was an amazing teacher who has set a new standard for how a workshop should be taught, with the added benefit of having a great sense of humor!  Qiang used a video camera aimed the the piece he was painting and projected his every brushstroke on to a large screen. No more crowding around just trying to see through the artist head!   He brought a handout to take notes on which supplemented his powerpoint presentation, which allows you to aborb what he is trying to teach.  On content he didn't disappoint, for example, I especially was impressed when he talked about all artist needing a strong technically foundation.  He said he has noticed that it doesn't always seem to be a prority, when it should be!  But more the workshop that on my next post.


  1. WOW!!! The painting is amazing! Can't wait to hear more about the workshop.

  2. What a wonderful experience, Gloria! Congrats on being able to attend the workshop.