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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Starting The Year Right, Day One!

A Drift in the Shallows
20 x 20 Oil on Canvas
Getting back to painting and blogging.  Also I'm resolved to finish the painting that where started sometime ago but will take weeks to finish. This is a full value monochromatic that is ready for color glazes.  The color layers will be scumbled and glazed.  You can see the end colors in the pastel I tried of this subject on the badge to the right.  I am participating in Leslie' s 30 in 30 but, I will take the time used for the smaller daily paintings to make progress on a larger piece. I will also do smaller alla prima paintings in between! Happy New Year everyone, it has been an intense year.


  1. This is incredible, Gloria!!! Luscious detail, great depth with the handling of the value changes...

    1. Thank you Ruth Ann!
      This one of the steps in the Renaissance technique that we were talking about last time where you build form and value. I didn't have to get as detailed, but it has been so long since I have painted like this, I sure enjoyed it!

  2. Love the painting, Gloria. And love your plan.

    1. Thank you Chris, you are so kind! Now all I have to do is execute my plan, lol. I just got back from Ohio and picking the painting that didn't find new homes from the FiYA Gallery Show. Now I have to play catch up for the 30 in 30 Challenge.