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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Four Houses and a Squirrel, Day 2

This quick little painting is for Meg, a thank you for your kindness!  She let Kristen and me stay, take over her house really when we went to Michigan to see her mother Laurie.  
This can be seen out her back door, high up in a tree two yards away.  The four houses reminded me of the four of them and the baby squirrel. Thank you for your generous heart Meg!

Four Houses and a Squirrel
8 x10 Oil on Gessoed Board


  1. What a lovely painting! What a lovely gesture!

  2. This painting is so cool and I love the story that goes with it:)

  3. Thank you Chris and Karen, Meg did such a kind thing by letting us stay and she had not even met us before!