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Saturday, January 31, 2015

30 Pieces of Artwork and Done!!! 30 in 30 Collage

So it has been a tough month for this challenge, between cold, flu and an allergic reaction (not being able to paint for a while); I was at least home enough!  When able, I was trying to push further to figure a few things out and when I did, I gained confidence! So was  a challenge that worked for me!!!


  1. Great job, Gloria! I love all your work, but this challenge has brought out another new level for you. You pushed hard, even when not feeling good. Admirable. The paintings are beautiful alone, and grouped together....just striking!!

  2. I agree with Laurie, Gloria. You just kicked it up a notch! Your work has been stellar, and your collage is gorgeous!

    1. Well Chris, thank you, it was kind of you to say so, but maybe staying home did help. : D