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Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 30 in 30 2014 Done

Finally January's 30 in 30 is done!! So there were some wipers, and a few that I happy with. Those I happy with because they show promise that they work as a larger painting.  Time was always the thing, when you get behind or you lose the light, so some where not finished.  I tried a to do a wide variety of subjects; some made up, some were from photos and others were from life.  All were done with varying degrees of success, but it was so fun to see how everyone else in the group progressed!


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your every new addition in this challenge. Keep up the stellar work, Gloria!!

    1. You are so kind and supportive Chris Lally! You know how much I love your work!!! I so look forward to you post.

  2. Gloria-congrats on the 30 in 30! I didn't make it, but next time. This looks just awesome!!