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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Carol Marine Workshop -

Went to the Painting a day workshop last week by artist

 - Carol Marine

 December, 2011
    Carol Marine Workshop: Dec 12-16,, Aurora, IL
Painting small and often is a powerful way to rapidly improve your skills. That is why I took the class to get faster, looser and more acquainted with Alla-prima style painting. I won't be painting everyday, but I'll be painting smaller and more often. Thanks Carol!

This was such a fun group!!!

      Carol was a delightful person and an amazing teacher! - She is part of a wide growing group of daily painters, who do small paintings. They will upload the photo of their paintings to a blog to sell on line, the usual starting price of $100. In this way, many artists are finding they can grow quickly in skill and finally make a living with their art, after struggling for years in galleries and at art fairs. Carol has had over 3 years of experience daily painting and teaches workshops around the US and Canada. ...


  1. Thanks for helping to make the workshop so memorable!

  2. Hi Gloria--thanks for posting the group photo! Such a happy memory. I also am hoping that after the new year the "time" to paint daily will become a reality! All the best in 2012--so nice to know you.

  3. Thanks Mary and Silentwitness!
    Silentwitness, I actually copied the group photo from Carol's Blog. : ) Best to you too and Happy New Year!

  4. I forgot about this picture, Gloria! The beginning of many great experiences!

    1. It was the beginning for many things for great times and friendships!